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Name : Jurgen van Win
Date of birth : 11-10-1957
Place of birth : The Hague / Netherlands
Marital Status: Happily Married 2 children
Nationality :

Music Studies : started his studies of Violoncello in the Royal Conservatory of the Hague with Rene van Ast and completed his studies of Violoncello with a 9 in the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam with Elias Arizcuren.
In the Amsterdam
Conservatory he studied also conducting, harmony, history, piano, chambermusic,
teachingmethods and baroquemusic with A. Bijlsma. He studied musictherapy and transpersonal psychology and continues his investigations of soundtherapy.

Teaching : Violoncello teaching
: the Bijlmermuziekschool Amsterdam, Conservatorio

Professional de Santander in Spain, Conservatorio Elemental de Arganda del Rey Madrid
in Spain, Conservatorio Professional de Toledo in Spain.

Masterclasses violoncello:

Santander, Toledo in Spain, Bombay orchestra in India.

Conservatorio Superior de Pamplona in Spain.

on the healing effects and use of tuningforks, crystal quartz bowls and

Name: Claudia Rodriguez Murcia van Win
Date of Birth : 23/02/1968
Marital Status: Married 2 children
Nationality : Dutch

College Education: BA in Sociology and Social Work at the UCMC Bogotá. Convalid . in the
Oboe and Music Pedagogy at the Conservatory and the National University of Colombia
Oboe Studies at the Conservatory of Music Therapy in Madrid and Musikschule of Lüneburg / Germany

Master and Programs:
Master of Music Therapy musicothérapie Atelier de Bourdeaux , France.
Master in Dance Therapy from the School of Maria Fux Royal Trust of Spain .
Music therapy applied to pupils with special educational needs. Music and Medicine International Society Madrid.
Music Therapy in Geriatrics and Clinical Creative Therapie in Holland.
Music Education Course Isme Spain pentatonic Lira and their therapeutic application .
Rhythm and Movement in vocal and instrumental at the Complutense University of Madrid expression.
Training teachers Psicoballet Maite León Foundation. Vibrational Medicine and Bach Flowers Centre Eduard Bach Madrid.
Aromatherapie Arcobell Center of Spain .
Yoga and Relaxation Techniques in Spain , India and the Netherlands.
Reflexology, Acupressure Tapping and Vibrational Medic in Volks Universiteit in Amsterdam.
Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence .
Diploma in Applied Kinesiology 2011-2012 by Ismet
Global Diploma in Kinesiology 2011-2012 by Ismet
Experience: Professor of Music and Dance in Kids Arts School District of Bogota.
Holder Oboe Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia .
Holder as opposed Oboe Symphony Band Colombia . Oboist Band of Arganda del Rey.
Music Therapist Occupational Center in Santa Teresa Madrid. Music therapist at the Special Center
of Bizcaia Mercedarias . Music Therapist Gonzalo Lafora Centre Alcobendas. Music therapist at the
College of Special Education of Alfonso X the Wise Madrid.
Director of Music Therapy courses for teachers in CPR Montessori School of Madrid.
For 9 years Director of Music Therapy courses for teachers of Mec .
Also invited along with Jurgen van Win TV program Music Education and Medicine in the cycle of
teacher training course at the UNED.
Music Therapist in Geriatric Rehabilitation Center Beth Shalom in Amsterdam.
Music Therapist in the Cabinet of Stress CMQR Medical Center Reus .
Sound Director of the Dutch " van Win " in Reus and Salou and Yoga School . Professor of Music
Therapy and Hatha Yoga at The Civic centers Reus.
Music Therapist and Sonoterapeuta in Reus Clinica Fabregas .
Claudia and Jurgen van Win pioneers in Spain and Holland Sound Therapy , both are researchers
Vibrational medicine, sound therapy and yoga , with extensive experience in the rehabilitation
through yoga and sound therapy . Courses and actively give concerts on 4 continents and are
recognized for their innovative research.
Publications and C.D ' s : Thesis Application of Music Therapy in blind with multiple disabilities
associated. Library ONCE Spain .
Articles on music therapy , sound therapy and Vibrational Medicine in various newspapers and
magazines of Education , Psychology, Natural Health , Integral, Vital , Santé, Ande , Spain and
Video: "Music and Medicine " University UNED Madrid. Concert Recorded in Holland and Spain .
Compact Disc 's: Cosmic Vibrations , Soham , Yoga Nidra , Balance & Harmony ADHD, and Pain
Management . Edited by Spain and Holland Disky Comunications .
Languages: Spanish , Dutch , Catalan B3
Courses on musictherapy: with official state certificate master in musictherapy university tarragona.

Orchestras : Orchestra de Valladolid, Orchestra Nacional de España, Orchestra
Sinfonica de Madrid, Noord Holland Philharmonic, Royal Belgium Orchestra in
Antwerpen, the Nederlands Promenade Orchestra in Amsterdam.

Conducting :
the Santander Conservatory Orchestra, the Galileo Orchestra in Madrid,

the Toledo Conservatory Orchestra and a Choir in Madrid.

Chambermusic :
He founded several chambermusicgroups giving concerts with them in

Holland, Italy, Spain and Israel. With his pianotrio "Renaissance" he performed with the
Orchestra Sinfonica de Madrid and the Royal Spanish Family invited, the triple concerto
of Beethoven in the Auditorio Nacional de España.

Recordings :
Spanish Pianotrios with the "Renaissance Trio" for the cultural foundation

of the "Coca Cola Company"; 6 Baroque cello sonatas by Salvatore Lanzetti; Cello
Concert by Leonardo Balada; together with his wife Claudia Murcia he recorded Cosmic
Vibrations and Soham both c.d.'s with crystal quartz bowls and mantras, Soham also with
tuningforks and tampura; Yoga Nidra cd, A.D.H.D. cd He made many recordings for
radio and tv.

Spoken Languages :
Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French and some Catalan.