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Most of our tuning forks have double sized ergonomic handles to keep your hand relaxed.
We have improved the Otto's not only with a longer handle, but also with a very subtle change of frequency.
Sound therapy professionals, Reflexologists, Acupuncturists, Estheticians and Osteopaths confirm that this change greatly enhances its great effectiveness in :
1) Wrinkles, 2) Sagging skin, 3) Enhances circulation 4) Rejuvenates the skin 5) muscle knots , 6) emotional anchors , 7) Water and DNA Structuring 8) Balancing the Chakras
The Om fork is the sound of the earth circling around the sun for a year. It's the sound of the sun that can be heard from the earth. Om can be used like the Otto 128 or to open the heart chakra or the third eye. It is ideal to begin each session of meditation with listening and singing Om which is the frequency of the soul and of course to tune the sitar.
Structured water is the best tuning fork to structure water. A famous biochemist Dr. Lorenzen says it is the exact frequency used by genetic engineers to repair DNA. Structured water is the frequency of pure love. The center of healthy DNA is structured in the shape of the Star of David water. The tuning fork "structured water" vibrates water in the shape of the Star of David. Dr. Lorenzen studying water crystallization methods to rejuvenate DNA, thinks the 528 frequency helps delay aging. Also part of an ancient music scale of Torah (the old testamiento)
The Solfeggio tuning forks have frequencies that are encoded in the biblical book "Numbers". For a long time they were used only for a very small group of insiders. They form the basic frequencies of the universe. They can be used to construct (DNA) or destroy (Walls of Jericho). In the old system of gematria each Hebrew letter has a specific number. Pythagoras had a similar system, because he thought that everything can be expressed in numbers which together add up to a digit from 1 to 9. With those 9 tuning forks we have the most powerful and therapeutic tool for personal transformation. We give courses for their application.
The Minerals are tuning forks tuned in 11 frequencies of the following minerals: selenium, molybdenum, potassium, calcium, chromium, manganese, iron, iodine, copper, phosphorus & zinc. As the frequencies of human organs, minerals are also discovered by Barbara Hero and her Lambdoma institute.
The Organs are 15 tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the most important organs according to the research of Barbara Hero and her research institute Lambdoma. She calculated the frequencies, measuring the speed of sound passing through healthy organs. You can buy the whole set or just the frequencies you need (extra price). There are tuning forks for: bones; muscles; fat cells; brain; stomach; pancreas; gall bladder; colon; lungs; intestines; bladder; liver; kidneys; adrenal & thyroid; blood.
The Otto's are three tuning forks that can be used in many ways.

Otto 128 is specifically effective when placed on the ribs, rib cage, sternum and ileum. If you want just one tuning fork, we recommend Otto 128 or Om to work the acupuncture points, chakras, muscle knots, structure water, etc.. Two Otto 128's create a bass sound ideal for relaxation.

Otto 64 is equal to 128 but an octave lower, longer and heavier. The 128 works best solar plexus above. The 64 best works below the solar plexus. Its vibration helps loosen the sacral ligaments, stimulating and balancing the ganglion impar that controls the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and helps to solve emotional problems. Otto 64 together with Otto 128 forms the cranial sacral set.

Otto 32 the biggest tuning fork is excellent to close holes in the aura, improve the flow of chi or prana on scars, clean spaces. The 3 Otto's have the Schuman frequency which is the frequency of the earth (officially 7.83Hz although some scientists say this has gone up). 2x8Hz = 16Hz; 2x16Hz = 32Hz The Otto 32 is 2 octaves above the Schuman frequency and works great for earthing, feet on the ground. head in the sky.
The Cranio Sacral set are Otto 128 and 64 together. If you put Otto 64 on the tailbone or sacrum and Otto 128 on the atlas C1, the Cerebrospinal Fluid begins to vibrate at a perfect octave. It's like shaking off emotions, thoughts and negative vibrations. This can also be applied to the meridians, acupuncture points, reflexology, chakras, listening, etc..
The Harmonic Espectrum Solar or Pythagorean tuning forks are a scale tuned in perfect fifths c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c. Solar harmonic espectrum is a complete octav, each interval affects the nervous system in different ways. You can work the 5 elements, the chakras and the spine. We give courses where you learn different protocols.
Angel Tuners are three tuning forks tuned to the ninth octave of the overtones. As the three, sound almost the same, the vibration together starts to create a harmonic vortex that produces a channel between the sun and the earth. We can open up easier and get in contact with the angelic realm in effortless meditation. Suitable especially for autism, mental retardation and depression. Also used as the Crystal tuning fork.
The Sharp (sostenido) are 5 tuning forks to form a chromatic scale with the Pythagoreans. Together with the Pythagoreans, they make working with the 5 elements more precise. Pythagoreans and sharp tuningforks are excellent for chiropractors correcting the complete spine. We give courses for their application. 
Crystal Tuner forms part of the angel tuners. Ideal to enhance the healing energy of crystals, water, Bach flowers, etc.. It is also very convenient to use to quickly clean crystals, spaces or auras, etc..
With the 7 tuningforks Chakras (wheels) interconnecting energy centers and balancing  chakras becomes easy.
Planets are 11 tuning forks with frequencies of the sun and 10 planets orbiting the sun. The calculations are based on a Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto. Very interesting to connect with the energy of the planets, you can use them to work with the chakras, acupuncture points, and structure water. Especially recommended for  Astrologers.
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How to hold the tuning forks?
Without Squeezing!
Body Mind form a perfect fifth, known as Shiva-Shakti, Yin Yang or Apollo calling the dolphins. Very relaxing set of two tuning forks perfect to integrate mind body.
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6) On bowls, tuning forks and quartz soundpyramids there are no refunds nor exchanges.

7) Claims or changes can be made within a period of 15 days, provided it is for a justifiable reason and that the tuningfork has no scratches or cracks  and the bag in perfect condition.

8) We offer a lifetime guarantee on the tuning and adjustment of the weights.

9) The warranty does not include breaks, cracks or scratches on any article.

10) We have special discounts for our students and for orders over 500 euros.
Quartz tuning forks are a blend of quartz bowls in the form of tuning forks. They sound for 5 minutes . Sound waves can be applied in the meridians, chakras, or any other point. The handle directly transmits and amplifies the quantum resonance of the mind achieving immediate results. Much easier to transport than quartz bowls. We have 7 different tones.
The quarz tuning forks come with a mallet and a case.


Spectrum Solar
Cuerpo Mente
Organos Humanos
Agua Estructurada
Diapason de Cuarzo
diapason cuarzo
Kabbalah "Tree of Life" is a set of 12 forks. 11 tuning forks are used to tune each sefirot and the "tzimtzum" (contraction) tuning fork to move the energy through the 22 channels. This latter tuning fork can be used to move joints and bones in place and repair DNA. There are endless possible applications depending on the cosmic plane or "partzuf".
Brain Waves is a set of 5 tuningforks. Listening with one ear to the main tuning fork and with the other ear to one of the other 4 forks tuned in Delta, Theta, Alpha or Beta brainwave frequency, a third tone inside the head (named binaural beat) gently leads us to another state of consciousness.
1.Delta 256Hz-259Hz = 3Hz deep sleep, happiness, rejuvenation and healing body-mind because stimulan releasing hormones melatonin and DHEA, deep relaxation.
2.Theta 256Hz-262Hz = 6Hz meditation, dream recall, learning languages, learning 300% better.
3.Alfa 256Hz-267Hz =11Hz creativity, relaxation, problem solving, less stress, more serotonin, improves the immune system 4.Beta 256Hz -271Hz=15Hz think faster, more intelligence, more stress, more energy, excitement, anxiety.
The 50 Hz Nerve Tuningfork is excellent to remove muscle knots, relieve pain, especially in muscles and tendons. 50 Hz is the frequency that activates the nerves allowing more endorphins to the painful muscle area.
Cellulite reduction is a set of two tuning forks to reduce cellulite, based on the studies of Barbara Hero. Once the fat cells tuning fork is activated we activate the muscles fork 3 times. The vibrations help the cells return to their natural vibrations, fats cells are not necessary and muscle growth is stimulated.
Energy is a tuning fork which vibration releases a little nitrogen oxide that is in our body with the result that we relax directly and about twenty minutes later when nitrogen oxide disappears, we have much more energy. Perfect frequency to sleep more soundly. Especially handy for therapists. Relaxing rapidly during massages and much more energy 20 minutes later.
The Blood circulation tuning fork is used to improve blood flow in places where there is pain, tension and makes blood flow through your whole body. Can be applied in cases of arthritis, diabetes also reduces cholesterol. (Barbara Hero)
Fibonacci are 8 tuning forks tuned to the Fibonacci numbers which are found throughout nature. In the human body, the growth of trees, shells, flowers and even the solar system you will find the Fibonacci sequence. Perfect for meditation, therapy, reiki, yoga, musical play, helps in the treatment of trauma and addictions. They are like spirals of sound between different states of consciousness.

There is an exact arithmetic ratio in the forms of nature called Divine Proportion, or Phi and that is that there is a perfect ratio linking numbers, ratio and proportion including the Fibonacci series to be found for example in a daisy where you can only have 13 or 21 petals which are numbers of the Fibonacci series, count the number of leaves of an artichoke, the petals of a sunflower seeds, the arms of a starfish or the number of divisions of a fruit, you will find exactly the same proportion. A shamrock is very special and has 3 leaves and it is almost impossible to find one that has 4 leaves, which is not a Fibonacci number, the turns of the snail shell, the ellipse in which the Earth rotates, the musical scale, etc. These are all elements of nature that follow the golden ratio. This arithmetic relationship is like the "footprint of God in Nature"
Ondas Cerebrales
Reducción Celulitis
Circulación Sanguínea
Hertz Meaning Tuningfork Chakra
174 Hz Unification with Spirit - Become Light Soul Star
285 Hz Unification with Gaia Earth Star
Ut 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear Chakra 1
Re 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change Chakra 2
Mi 528 Hz Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) Chakra 3
Fa 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships Chakra 4
Sol 741 Hz Awakening Intuition Chakra 5
La 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order Chakra 6
963 Hz Conscious Disciplined Connection to Spirit Chakra 7
Chakras Activity Element
Root Instinct Earth
Sacral Emotion Water
Solar plexus Intelect Fire
Hearth (Om) Love Air
Throat Communication Ether
Third Eye Intuition Time
Crown Cosmic Connection Space
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Tuningfork Element Interval Ratio Color
Otto 128 Earth Unison 1/1 Red
Do & Re Water+ Segond 8/9 Clear Orange
Do & Si Water- Seventh 11/12 Orange
Do & Mi Fire+ Third 4/5 Clear Yellow
Do & La Fire- Sixth 3/5 Yellow
Do & Sol Air+ Fifth 2/3 Clear Green
Do & Fa Air- Fourth 3/4 Green
Do & Do512 Eter Octave 2/1 Blue
Calcium & Magnesium are the most requested duo of the mineral tuning fork set. According to Hero Barbara help to improve the absorption of calcium as compared to Schlüssler salts or Homeopathy.
The 432Hz tuning fork helps to rebalance, gives us a sensation of peace and wellness, has a profound effect on our mind and on the cellular level. The tuning of musical instruments in 432Hz instead of 440Hz induces your atoms and DNA to resonate in harmony with the PHI spiral of nature.
Calcium & Magnesium
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Did you know that every part of matter, the cosmos and our body has its own vibration?
In "" we provide the tools and knowledge to protect and recover your vibrational balance!
To start you only need a genuine interest in helping others.
Sound carries our essence to others.
To have good thoughts and sweetness in the heart is more important than degrees and diplomas in Soundtherapy.
Sound therapy is a science and art that lasts a lifetime to perfect. It is very handy to have a good musical basis and knowledge in Acupuncture, Reflexology
Kinesiology, Tapping or to be able to interpret the pulse (Nogier, Chinese, Tibetan).
We offer not only the best products but as specialists in sound therapy with over 20 years of experience backed by thousands of happy customers, we can advise you, what tuning forks, bowls or cd's would be the best for you. If you want to learn more, you can take a workshop or course with us.
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