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Sound therapy is a branch of :

                                        music therapy , vibrational medicine and integrative medicine
Each part of matter, our bodies included have their own vibration. Health vibrates in healthy frequencies. When part of our body or mind is sick or injured , the frequency changes. Harmony starts changing in  disharmony. Healing the wound or illness the balance is restored and the body regains its former vibration.

When a part of our body or mind is sick or injured, it changes the vibrational frequency of the body concerned. The harmony changes and disharmony begins.
Healing the wound or illness the balance is restored and the body regains its former vibration.
You can argue the opposite: if you can bring the vibratory value of the human body to its original level of health, it can not be different that automatically "healing " begins.

The healing sound therapy is also based on quantum resonance, "everything is connected".

If the quartz bowls and tuning forks are knowingly played, a powerful vortex of energy is produced in the form of sound, light and thought.

You can say it's like vibrating with multi frequencies from very slow to faster than light, focused through quartz as laser beams, connecting, balancing, restructuring :DNA, cells, body, emotions, thoughts, soul and cosmos.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made of 99.99 pure quartz. The sounds played in a bowl emit very fast their vibrations in our bodies which are composed of 70 % water. The sound spreads through the nervous system to the organs, tissues and cells,
harmonizing all.
The resonance gives a "full sound massage at the cellular level." The sounds work directly helping our mind, body and brain.

The quartz bowls recharge the brain cells with energy. The specific set of quartz tones calming the brain waves to a level that the body / mind is completely relaxed but awake. This brain activity is called "Alpha ". In a short time you're not tired but have lots of energy. This new energy is not converted directly to hyper active behavior , thanks to the previous relaxation.

Better Concentration

With the sound therapy developed by Claudia Murcia & Jurgen van Win, new connections between brain cells through brain wave frequencies in both hemispheres are created and balanced with each other. The result is more concentration, more confidence and a better memory.

As all matter our body also consists of atoms. Atoms are
incredibly small. An iron bullet of 0.3 millimeters in diameter contains
1000.000 x1000.000 x1000.000 of iron atoms.
For more info see sonoterapia sorry all spanish with you tube videos or contact us directly (english spoken)
An atom consist of a core and one or more neutrons to circulate around the core . The space within the atom that is not used by the kernel and neutrons is empty . When we amplify an atom to the size of an "object" with a diameter of 200 meters.
What do we see ?
A core as large as a pea and neutron even smaller that are circulating 0-200 meters around . The rest of the space within the atom is empty. To understand how small are atoms it also shows their weight of 3 x 1 thousand trillion the heaviest of the heavy atoms weigh 1 gram. Thus everything we experience as matter has to do with the speed at which the neutrons move around the nucleus : two thousand kilometers per second! This speed in a small space makes neutrons seem to be everywhere: what we observe as material including our body , is nothing more than vibration.

We have already explained above, but we repeat it as a variation on a theme music .

The operation of the healing sound therapy is based on "quantum or sympathetic resonance" between an instrument and the human body . All or part of the body can resonate with an sound source when you vibrate at the same frequency.

Using pure sounds like tuning forks and quartz bowls , we can influence our body parts . Well chosen , natural sounds have a function of harmonizing the parts where the body lost its harmony.

Mind and body have the natural tendency to restore health and harmony. Through pure sounds we can give strong support to the body and mind to find back healthy frequencies.

Currently universities and acoustic laboratories worldwide investigate scientifically sound therapy in various parts of the world.

For more information on dates and private treatments of sonotherapy and courses you can consult us directly. / scp Claudia Murcia & Jurgen van Win