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Quartz Soundpyramids

The most pure and beautiful sounds flowing from the quartz soundpyramids transport us to the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops creating a sound initiatic experience. These incredible soundpyramids of pure quartz have many therapeutic applications. The perfect combination of the sacred geometry of a pyramid with the powerful properties of a pure quartz crystal together with beautiful sound results in the most complete tool to heal, empower, transform and balance. This great harmonic sound experience will bring you into a profound state of meditation, help to balance and heal your spiritual, mental,  emotional and physical bodies.

Price list

Soundpyramid 10cm quartz € 250

Soundpyramid 20cm quartz € 450

Soundpyramid 30cm quartz € 850

Soundpyramid 38cm quartz €1150

Note: These prices are approximate.
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C.D. Cosmic Sound Pyramid
Mp3 Cosmic Sound Pyramid

"Cosmic Sound Pyramid"

Newest C.D. & Mp3 recorded in March 2014

Benefits of using the pyramids

The energy benefits of the pyramids are useful if you learn to use it correctly and always with good intentions, in oneself or others, either to calm, relax , cleanse , enhance, modify or transform .

Used since ancient times for different cultures to absorb negative energy and to treat blockages of the chakras, filling them with vibrant energy.

The pyramids enhance and focus the properties of quartz .

Increase mental dynamism.

The food stays longer; some dried instead of entering state of decomposition.

Batteries or batteries are charged .

The psychic and spiritual manifestations are more intense .

Decreases pain.

Seeds germinate faster.

If you meditate on one of her is super powerful .

Help in studies , addictions , stress , insomnia , depression, localized pain.

Revitalization of plants autoenergización etc. .

Excellent tool for working in sound therapy , Reiki , Kinesiology , yoga, Feng shui, sacred geometry etc. ..

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The length of the base of the Great Pyramid replicates the fundamental resonant tone created by the structures. Each side of the base of the pyramids has been calculated at approximately 228m, which creates a fundamental frequency of about 1.5 Hz.
The periodic pulsation of the pyramids, creates a standing wave of Fibonacci centered 228mm wavelength, defined by the base of the pyramid. The angles of the standing waves correspond exactly to the inclination of the faces of the pyramid in the phi angle of 51.85 degrees. This base frequency of 1.5 Hz has been described as "the frequency of entrañamiento1 tritalámica " It has been shown that this frequency synchronized pressing the hypothalamus and the pituitary and pineal glands getting a unified operation. This frequency is in turn the lowest frequency of the Schumann resonance , so the function of the pyramids can be , in fact, change the terrestrial frequency fluctuating around 7.3 Hz , and the frequency of 1.45 tritalámica Hz
This resonance structure is recognized as a global solid state oscillator that operates at wavelengths of pure consciousness , synchronizing the human mind through redistribution and focus of the global mind . Indigenous cultures around the world recognize the earth itself as a conscious being . And as awareness has a frequency that can be measured as the EEG therefore Schumann resonance may be as vital earth pulse . Ancient wisdom transmitted through the traditions of the Yaqui and Toltec cultures of Mexico today , explicitly describes the emanations of land and corresponding alignment of human emanations , a concept described by modern science as " Frequency Response " [ Frequency Following response2 ] . The pineal gland contains bio- mineralization of microcrystalline calcite ( Bacconier , Lang and others) that induce the effect of entrainment of consciousness.

The pyramid shape has been used since ancient times by many different cultures , which have been attributed to this form the ability to focus energy in one direction .

We have all left already knew the power of the pyramids , the Mayans , Aztecs, and perhaps the most popular Egyptian .

Thanks to all the buildings that have left us a legacy of these civilizations , unfortunately lost , we were able to learn the mystery of these geometric shapes are so unique and you can leverage your energy pyramid for attaining many benefits
It has the same vibration of the inner chamber of Cheops.

The pyramids have been used since ancient times by many different cultures , neutralizing negative energies , clean spaces , treat blockages of the chakras, liquids and restructuring of DNA

The Sonopiramides are great for relaxation, meditation and healing have a large magnetic field

Are unique in the market and can be found at
We offer not only the best products but as specialists in sound therapy with over 20 years of experience backed by thousands of happy customers, we can advise you, what tuning forks, bowls or cd's would be the best for you. If you want to learn more, you can take a workshop or course with us.
Our experience is your guarantee.
Regain your Health and Wellness with our tuning forks, quartz bowls and Cd's by
Did you know that every part of matter, the cosmos and our body has its own vibration?
In "" we provide the tools and knowledge to protect and recover your vibrational balance!
To start you only need a genuine interest in helping others.
Sound carries our essence to others.
To have good thoughts and sweetness in the heart is more important than degrees and diplomas in Soundtherapy. Sound therapy is a science and art that lasts a lifetime to perfect. It is very handy to have a good musical basis and knowledge in Acupuncture, Reflexology
Kinesiology, Tapping or to be able to interpret the pulse (Nogier, Chinese, Tibetan).