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claudia plays crystal bowls with light
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Quartz and Tibetan Bowls

Price list 

Chakra set of 7 Big bowls of translucent quartz & 1 day workshop starting from € 1700

Bowl 20cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 150

Bowl 23cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 155

Bowl 25cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 160

Bowl 28cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 170

Bowl 30cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 175

Bowl 40cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 270

Bowl 50cm translucent Crystal Quartz € 550

Playing Stick                                     € 15

Note: These prices are approximate.

                 Tibetan Bowls

Price list

7 Chakra bowls practical
Tibetans to travel € 450

World's Largest Bowl already
sold 65.5cm and weight 17.6 kg € 3,000


Bowl 65.5 cm and
weight 17.6 kg € 2,500

Bowl 14cm and weight
0.617 kg € 95

Bowl 28cm and weight
2,159 kg of € 300

Note: These prices are approximate.
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Before buying read these
        Instructions on
       purchase and guarantee

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5 ) We can only accept to exchange a metal tuningfork for another tuningfork, but can't offer refunds

6) On bowls, tuning forks and quartz soundpyramids there are no refunds nor exchanges.

7) Claims or changes can be made within a period of 15 days, provided it is for a justifiable reason and that the tuningfork has no scratches or cracks  and the bag in perfect condition.

8) We offer a lifetime guarantee on the tuning and adjustment of the weights.

9) The warranty does not include breaks, cracks or scratches on any article.

10) We have special discounts for our students and for orders over 500 euros.
Regain your Health and Wellness with our tuning forks, quartz bowls and Cd's by

Did you know that every part of matter, the cosmos and our body has its own vibration?
In "" we provide the tools and knowledge to protect and recover your vibrational balance!
To start you only need a genuine interest in helping others.
Sound carries our essence to others.
To have good thoughts and sweetness in the heart is more important than degrees and diplomas in Soundtherapy.
Sound therapy is a science and art that lasts a lifetime to perfect. It is very handy to have a good musical basis and knowledge in Acupuncture, Reflexology
Kinesiology, Tapping or to be able to interpret the pulse (Nogier, Chinese, Tibetan).
We offer not only the best products but as specialists in sound therapy with over 20 years of experience backed by thousands of happy customers, we can advise you, what tuning forks, bowls or cd's would be the best for you. If you want to learn more, you can take a workshop or course with us.

Our experience is your guarantee.


Crystal Quartz Bowls

We are the pioneers of the crystal quartz bowls and tuning forks in Spain and Europe. We offer a complete collection of crystal quartz bowls from 6 to 60cm. A set of 7 bowls also includes a single 8-hour workshop.
All our quartz bowls come with an O ring to support the bowl and a suede mallet to play.

There are other quartz bowls with gold, silver, amethyst and all the colors of the rainbow, etc.. They are beautiful but don't really sound better. Worse there are at the moment only small bowls so their sound is relatively high and therefore less relaxing but more stimulating. They are much more expensive and are not neutral to work with the mind as the transparent or translucent. For these reasons we recommend only translucent and transparent quartz bowls.
Practical ideas for your optimal choice to purchase Tuning Forks, Quartz Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gongs and other tools for sound therapy.

A tuning fork, a quartz bowl or Tibetan bowl, a high quality gong can last for a lifetime or more!

A tuning fork of poor quality, with poor tuning not only doesn't do it's promised job, tires more and does not last a lifetime.

I control all the tuning forks one by one, spending up to 15 minutes for perfecting the pitch.

Our prices are fair and cheaper than others if you compare our quality, guarantee on tuning, knowledge and service.
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2) Phone: +34-93-5892855

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