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                          © ®: Born from the fusion of Sound Therapy & Kinesiology.

                                             “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”   -Aristotle are diagnostic techniques, corrections and fixations developed especially together with Soundtherapy protocols which will lead to a new level of perfection.

Developed by Musictherapist, Soundtherapist and Kinesiologist Claudia Murcia, inspired by the holistic kinesiology of Raphael Van Assche.

We all are beings of frequency and continuously vibrate with the universe as our bodies sing in a continuous symphony, sometimes in tune when we are in harmony and  healthy and sometimes out of tune when we are in
dis-sonance, sad or sick.

In clinical sound therapy (integrative medicine), a patient comes often with a medical diagnosis. But when you don't have this diagnosis, we recommend a form of test such as Nogier's pulse, Tibetan pulse or in our case we use Kinewave, where we will learn the state of health of the person and which sound terapeutic treatment you need. In this way the same person's body will give us clear guidelines to follow for better recovery of a healthy vibration.

This direct dialogue between the therapist-sound-patient will give the answer or answers for gentle treatment, not aggressive or invasive.
We use various protocols for corrections in Kinewave from sonotherapy & kinesiology.

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