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In "
Cosmic Vibrations
" we use seven quartz bowls and the healing mantra to balance the chakras and cerebral hemispheres. Great sounds for meditation, relaxation and healing, ideal to accompany any vibrational therapy.
A cosmic journey that allows us to rediscover all facets of our "being". You can buy the C. D. or buy one or more or tracks in mp3.
This C.D. has 3 tracks: 1 Relaxation, 2 Meditation, 3 Healing.
The third part of the CD. is a chord of C major with quartz bowls and the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra or Healing mantra. We have received many positive testimonials about the healing effect of this CD You can prelisten a small part in the mediaplayer.
In "
" you can listen to: Quartz Bowls, therapeutic Tuning Forks, Tampura, Gong, Ganesha Mantras and Soham. This CD. achieves a perfect harmony between mantras, mystical intervals and the fantastic sounds of quartz crystal bowls.
Very useful in Rebirthing, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, etc. You can get relief from: stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. Ganesha and the healing mantra removes the obstacles of life and balance the chakras. Soham helps to integrate thoughts and breathing, leading us to a state of deep relaxation and self-knowledge. You can buy the C.D. or buy one or more tracks in mp3.
This CD. contains 7 tracks: 1. Ganesha 2. Shakti, 3. Samsara, 4. Mystic 5. Pythagoras,
6. Moksha, 7. So Ham.
You can prelisten a small part in the mediaplayer.
Yoga Nidra
" the most complete meditation and deep relaxation. Yoganidra is a great tool for transforming mental and emotional patterns undesirable such as stress, anxiety, obsessions, traumas, fears etc.. You can buy the C.D. or buy one or more or tracks in mp3. This C.D. is only for Spanish speakers!

The CD. contains 7 tracks: 1. Introduction, 2. Complete Body Relaxation, 3. Rotation of Consciousness, 4. Conscious Breathing 5. Affirmation Conscious, 6. Yoga Nidra (silence), 7. Awakening. More info here.
"Sound therapy for Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit & Stress"
In balance and harmony with sound therapy. We present this CD & booklet with visualization & breathing exercises. We can send you an Dutch, Spanish or English version. Recorded in Holland by Europe Disky label. Instruments: Quartz Crystal Bowls, including the world's largest , Gong , Violoncello , therapeutic tuning forks , Tibetan bowls , Ocean Drum, Rainsticks.

This C.D. is the culmination and result of research in the Netherlands and Belgium on sound therapy with these fantastic instruments. Great sounds, perfectly paired to aid in states of nervousness , hyper activity disorder ( ADHD) and child and adult stress . Ideal to use with therapies and for all ages from 0-100 years. It is a fundamental tool for the first time combining sound - shape - color, resulting in a perfect harmony and balance of your inner and outer child , through cello harmonics played masterfully by a virtuous, pure sounds of the quartz bowls and tuning forks.
You can prelisten a small part in the mediaplayer.
                       Recommendations on how to listen to these CD's
Before listening to these sounds sit down in a quiet place without external noise, barefoot, in comfortable clothing, remove your watch or rings who disturb the subtle work of harmonics. Relax at least a few minutes after listening to the CD's.

Avoid listening to these CD's while driving a car, wear pacemakers, suffer epilepsy, smoke or drink alcohol.
Especially for the CD. Balance & Harmony ADHD we recommend that you listen with headphones, because some tracks are made to balance the brain hemispheres.

The three cd's below are only to listen but not for sale.

Soham Cuencos de Cuarzo
trio renaissance

Our best selling sound healing cd
C.D. Cosmic Vibrations
Mp3 Cosmic Vibrations
Abundance and Cosmic Breathing
C.D. Soham
Mp3 Soham
Transformation of mental and emotional patterns
C.D. Yoga Nidra
Mp3 Yoga Nidra
Without Hyperactivity or Stress
C.D. Sin Hiperactividad y Estress
Mp3 Sin Hiperactividad y Estress
Cosmic Vibrations cuencos de cuarzo

Cello concert de Lleonard Balada
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Chakra Sound Remedy
"Chakra Sound Remedy"

We present a new opportunity to work with the chakras through sound, color, shape, and most importantly, your loving intention .
20 years ago, we prepared our first "Chakra Sound Remedy" set . Tested extensively , it was shown to work perfectly balancing the chakras.
The reason I didn't sell " Chakra Sound Remedy" was the long and expensive bureaucracy. We gave many people a set of "Chakra Sound Remedy" for free.

After years of tests, using and improving , we think it is time for a new formula of "Chakra Sound Remedy" . With the current "Chakra Sound Remedy" You can prepare your own powerful vibrational remedies to Activate, Unlock, Chakra Balancing and Harmonizing .
The cd is recorded with Quartz Bowls, Vocals, Kinnor, Didgerido and Sioux Drum.

We include instructions in Spanish but if needed in English, how to use and prepare
"Chakra Sound Remedy" with 7 mandalas of color, shape and symbols for each chakra, so you can structure and charge each bottle.

Chakra Sound Remedy For Who?

• Chakra Sound Remedy is for everyone.
• For teachers of yoga.
• For professionals in Vibrational Medicine .
• For physical therapists, reiki masters.
• For you

" Chakra Sound Remedy" is offered in two forms:
1.mp3 with instructions included. (Download)
2.Cd with instructions included.
Make your own 7 Chakra remedies with Sound and Color.
Chakra Sound Remedy Mp3
Chakra Sound Remedy CD

Cd & mp3

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Newest C.D. recorded in March 2014
Cosmic Sound Pyramid
cd or mp3
Our newest cd recorded with only 7 sound pyramids which gives you a sound bath transforming completely, elevating your body and spirit to cosmic frequencies.
C.D. Cosmic Sound Pyramid
Mp3 Cosmic Sound Pyramid
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Regain your Health and Wellness with our tuning forks, quartz bowls and Cd's by
You can download mp3 files, after paying in paypal we send you a link. For most people mp3 encoding works perfectly but if  you have problems we will send you mp3's oldest encoding or if you prefer aac also, of course without paying extra! Just send a short message to us
We offer not only the best products but as specialists in sound therapy with over 20 years of experience backed by thousands of happy customers, we can advise you, what tuning forks, bowls or cd's would be the best for you. If you want to learn more, you can take a workshop or course with us.

Our experience is your guarantee.
Did you know that every part of matter, the cosmos and our body has its own vibration?
In "" we provide the tools and knowledge to protect and recover your vibrational balance!
To start you only need a genuine interest in helping others.
Sound carries our essence to others.
To have good thoughts and sweetness in the heart is more important than degrees and diplomas in Soundtherapy.
Sound therapy is a science and art that lasts a lifetime to perfect. It is very handy to have a good musical basis and knowledge in Acupuncture, Reflexology
Kinesiology, Tapping or to be able to interpret the pulse (Nogier, Chinese, Tibetan).
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